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MC ITN EJD CHAMELEON Virtual Laboratories for Exoplanets and Planet-forming Disks

Cloud Academy Les Houches September 2018
Please find the material for the “Mapping Clouds on Exoplanets” activity here:
Activity Guide, static_weather package.
These are the lecture slides for the lecture on:
Cloud formation modelling in exoplanet atmospheres.
Here are additional resources for background reading: ‘Cloud formation and dust formation modelling’ on ResearchGates

Arago will allow us to obtain a full picture of the 3D dynamical environment of stars and planets, their interactions, and explore the conditions for the emergence of life on exoplanets. Arago is a candidate for ESA M5. It is prepared by a consortium of ~250 scientists in 21 countries.

EPHRAT – Energetic Particles and Hard Radiation above Thunderclouds
Energetic Charged Particles Above Thunderclouds Fuellkrug et al. 2012, Surveys in Geophysics


WWLLN: World Wide Lightning Location Network
WWLLN: Global Volcanic Lightning Monitor
Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research at the GHCC

CTR Wilson Institute for Atmospheric Electricity on Twitter

Brown Dwarf archives by A. Burgasser et al.
List-of-ultracool-dwarfs by J. Gagne (contains Brown Dwarf archives)


Seminars in St Andrews Applied Math