Invited talk, Charges Matter, 25-28 March 2025, ISTA, Klosterneuburg, Austria


Probing gas-giant exoplanet day/night asymmetries with PLATO
Contributed talk, SS21 The PLATO mission: Towards new horizons in Exoplanet and Stellar Science, EAS Annual Meeting, 1-5 July 2024, Padova, Italy

Characterizing the complex chemistry of exoplanet atmospheres with virtual laboratories and space telescopes
Invited presentation, NORNDiP conference, 7-8 May 2024, Bergen, Norway

Exoplanet atmospheres: their 3D nature and complex chemistry in the era of CHEOPS, PLATO and ARIEL
Invited seminar, Centre of Excellence for planetary habilitability (PHAB), 7 May 2024, Oslo, Norway

Raumfahrt made in Austria
Discussion round, Grete Rehor Matinée, Politische Akademie, 22 April 2024, Vienna, Austria

Yuri’s Night
Panel discussion, “Österreich kann Weltraum“, TMW, 12 April 2024, Vienna, Austria 

Invited talk, Apéro musette, musette shop, 23 February 2024, Vienna, Austria 


The different atmospheric regimes that characterise extrasolar planets
Invited talk, Heidelberg Joint Astronomy Colloquium, Heidelberg University, 21 November 2023 

Innovationsabend SpaceTech
Discussion round, Politische Akademie, Vienna, 20 November 2023 

IWF science and technology competence
Invited talk, Visit of the Classes of Natural Sciences of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences of the OeAW, OeAW, Vienna, 16 November 2023 

Virtuelle Zwillinge zur Wettervorhersage auf Exoplaneten
Invited talk, AVK series of lectures “Talk am Turm”, Sternwarte Klagenfurt, 3 November 2023 

JWST: Einblicke in exotische Klimata und Welten
Talk for the URANIA series of lectures on JWST, URANIA Graz, 3 October 2023 

Space science as inspirator and pathfinder
Keynote, European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) Austria 2023, Vienna, 24-25 September 2023 

Characterizing the ediversity of atmosphere regimes of gaseous exoplanets with virtual laboratories
Invited talk, International Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society, Berlin, 11-15 September 2023 

Multi-messenger exoplanet characterization
Lead talk for WP “Clouds and atmosphere chemistry of exoplanets”, PLATO Workshop on 3D Climate and Clouds, IWF Graz, 11-13 September 2023 

Edelsteinwolken in extrasolaren Planeten?
Talk, Graz in Space, IWF Graz, 7-8 September 2023 

From the solar system into the galaxy
Talk, Visit of the ESA Director of Science to Austria, IWF Graz, 5 September 2023 

The planets in our galaxy
Plenary talk, European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting (EAS 2023), Kraków, Poland, 10-14 July 2023 

Vom Sonnensystem in die Galaxie: Weltraumforschung in Graz
Invited talk, Roadshow der Jungen Akademie, TU Graz, 13 June 2023 

Space Science as inspirator and pathfinder for space industry
Invited talk, Ready for the Moon, Vienna, 2 June 2023 

Wie passen Weltraumforschung und Kunst zusammen?
Podiums contribution jointly with Astrid Kury, Markus Jeschaunig und Michale Grill, Launch Event of Steiermark Schau, Vienna, 29 April 2023 

From the solar system into the galaxy
Director’s talk, IWF Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, IWF Graz, 24-25 April 2023 

Exoplanet Weather and Climate
Group leader’s talk, IWF Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, IWF Graz, 24-25 April 2023 

Modelling cloud formation
Invited lecture, Cloud Academy III, 26-31 March 2023, Les Houches, École des Physique

Weltraum als Lebensraum
Invited talk, Rotary Club, Klagenfurt, 16 March 2023

Exoplanet Gas and Cloud Chemistry around different host stars
Contributed presentation, workshop at CAS MPE, Garching 9-10 March 2023

Virtual laboratories for understanding weather and climate regimes of extrasolar planets
Lecture, EAI Academy 2022/23, 11 January 2023


Extrasolare Planeten – Weltraumforschung außerhalb unseres Sonnensystems
Eingeladener Vortrag, “Silberne Diplome für die Studienrichtungen Darstellende Geometrie, Technische Mathematik, Technische Physik und Vermessungswesen”, TU Graz, 24. November 2022

Exoplaneten in der James-Webb-Ära
Invited talk, “Facetten der Physik“, University of Graz, 16 November 2022

Weather and climate regimes of exoplanets around different stars
Observing the Universe in Motion: 5 Years of GRAVITY, Schloss Ringberg, Bavaria, 23-27 October 2022

Global atmosphere gas and cloud chemistry of exoplanets around different host stars
From Clouds to Planet II: The Astrochemical Link, Harnack Hause, Berlin, 3-7 October 2022 (postponed from 2020)

Aspiration Weltraum – Terrestrische Einmaligkeit und planetare Vielfalt
Invited talk, Forum JOANNEUM RESEARCH – “Space als Motor der Wirtschaft”, Graz, 4 October 2022

Exoplanet Atmospheres in the JWST era
Invited talk, Summer School in Memoriam of Prof Ernst Dorfi, University of Vienna, 27 September 2022

New Space für ein wettbewerbsfähiges Österreich und Europa
Podiumsdiskussion, 35 Jahre Österreich bei der Europäischen Weltraumorganisation: Mensch, Klima, Wirtschaft – Weltraum ist für ALLE da!, Wolke 19 im ARES Tower, Vienna, 5 July 2022

NBIA Workshop on Radiation Transfer in Astrophysics
Invited talk (given by Dominic Samra), NBIA Workshop, June 2022

Clouds in exoplanet atmospheres
Invited talk, EAS Annual Meeting, Symposium S8 “Exoplanets in the 2020s”, Valencia, Spain, 29-30 June 2022

Das IWF – Der Blick in die Zukunft: Vom Sonnensystem in die Galaxie
Vortrag, 50 Jahre IWF Graz, Graz, 28 June 2022

Von fernen, fremden Welten
Vortrag, Halle für Kunst, Steiermark, 21 April 2022


Climate features in Exoplanet Atmospheres with different stellar environments
Colloquium talk, University of Vienna, December 2021

Virtual laboratories for Exoplanet Atmospheres:
Simulating the changing chemical regimes in cloudy atmospheres

Invited talk, Laborastrophysikworkshop 2021: Dust, Ice, and complex molecules in the ISM
22-24 November 2021, Dornburg (near Jena), Germany

Atmospheric chemistry of exoplanets and brown dwarfs: the formation of non-terrestrial clouds in a globally changing plasma environment
Invited review, ECLA 2020, 19-24 April 2020 –> postpones due to CV19 to 26 September – 1 October 2021, Capri, Italy (declined)

Mineral and carbo-hydrate clouds on WASP-43b
Cambridge, 16 February 2021

Ab-initio modelling of cloudy atmospheres
“Exoplanet modelling in the James Webb Era”, 8 January 2021, remotely


Physics and Chemistry of Exoplanet Atmospheres
Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop “Dust, Ice, and complex molecules in the ISM”
7-9 December 2020, Jena, German –> postponed due to CV19

SUPA/SUSSP Summer school ‘Exoplanets and Solar System Dynamics’
18-30 August 2020, Isle of Skye at Sabhal Mór Ostaig –> postponed due to CV19

Cloud particle surfaces and ionisation processes as stepping stones for organic chemistry?
Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life
25-27 August 2020, St Andrews –> postponed due to CV19

Atmospheric chemistry of exoplanets and brown dwarfs: the formation of non-terrestrial clouds in a globally changing plasma environment
Invited review, ECLA 2020, 19-24 April 2020 –> postpones due to CV19 to 26 September – 1 October 2021, Capri, Italy

Modelling cloud formation: the devil sits in the micro-physics
Invited lecture, Cloud Academy II, 8-13 March 2019, Les Houches, France –> new proposal granted for 2022
(cancelled due to corona virus)


Brown dwarf atmospheres
Invited talk, BDEXOCON, Deleware October 2019

The chemical phases of exoplanets
Workshop lecture, Astrophysical Origins: Pathways from Star Formation to Habitable Planets, June – August 2019, Erwin-Schrödinger Institut, Vienna

Planet atmospheres and their composition: clouds, clouds and clouds
Invited review, STARPLANET 2019, 24-28 June 2019, Ringberg

Lightning and charge processes in brown dwarf and exoplanet atmospheres
Invited keynote, Annual Danish Astronomy Meeting, 2-3 May 2019, Nyborg Strand, Danmark

Analysing  exoplanets and their atmospheres with virtual laboratories
Seminar, DTU, 1 May 2019, Copenhagen, Danmark

Lightning on other planets
Invited keynote, Electrostatics 2019, 8-11 April, Manchester

Lightning on Brown Dwarves and Exoplanets
Invited talk, Royal Society discussion meeting Advances in Hydrogen Molecular Ions: H3+, H5+ and beyond, 21-22 January 2019, Royal Society, London
abstract deadline 18 Jan 2019


Sparkling nights and fuming days on the giant gas planet WASP-18b
Lunch time talk, Astronomy Group, St Andrews, 6 Nov 2018

Cloud Academy: Cloud Formation and Properties in Extrasolar Planets
Les Houches Advanced School for Physics, 23 – 28 September  2018

Please find the material for the “Mapping Clouds on Exoplanets” activity here:
Activity Guide, static_weather package.
These are the lecture slides for the lecture on:
Cloud formation modelling in exoplanet atmospheres.
Here are additional resources for background reading: ‘Cloud formation and dust formation modelling’ on ResearchGates

The Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres
COST Action CM1401 Our Astro-Chemical History: Past, Present and Future
10-14 September 2018, Assen, The Netherlands

Climate on Exoplanets
Monifieth Probus Club, 22 May 2018

The effect of cosmic rays on the ionisation and chemistry of exoplanets and brown dwarfs
Invited talk at Cosmic Rays – the salt in the star formation recipe 2-4 May 2018, Florence

Cloud formation modelling in exoplanetary atmospheres
Invited talk, Symposium 10, EWASS 3-6 April 2018, Liverpool

Exoplanets and Habitability
Invited talk at the 2018 Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar
‘Prebiotic molecules in space and origins of life on Earth’
19-13 March 2018, Bad Honnef

Lunchtime legends
CAPOD course on leading a research group, 7 February 2018

Exoplanets: Humanity through the lens of the Universe
2 February 2018, Lecture for Universities of St Andrews Open Association

The exoplanet element abundance challenge
Seminar in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, St Andrews
24 January 2018

The atmospheres of extrasolar planets with mineral and diamond clouds
19 January 2018, Colloquium University Dundee


Have we reached the horizon of our knowledge?
Cloud formation in brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets
30 November 2017, FMF Symposium 2017, Groningen
Cloud formation is a long-standing challenge that recently received new attention with the discovery of brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. Clouds are part of our everyday-life on Earth, most of the solar system planets are covered with clouds, and clouds do determine (and limit) our knowledge about exoplanet’s habitability. Clouds are linked to lightning which is discussed as trigger for life on Earth and maybe elsewhere. Modelling the formation of clouds is seen as one of the biggest challenges in modern astronomy, and clouds introduce the largest uncertainty into terrestrial climate predictions. So, have we reached our limits?

The physics behind cloud formation
14 November 2017, Seminar, University van Amsterdam

Deciphering exoplanet atmospheres in virtual laboratories
2 October 2017, Colloquium, University of Groningen

The Theory body behind Cloud and Dust Formation
20 September 2017, University Leuven

Modelling Exo-Clouds: the element abundance challenge
The PLATO Mission Conference 2017: Exoplanetary systems in the PLATO era
5-7 September 2017

Partially ionised atmospheric gas in cloud-forming, ultra-cool low mass objects
European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2017
26-30 June 2017, Prague:
–> Energy release and radiation in partially ionized plasma of solar and stellar atmospheres

Diverse clouds in chemically diverse atmospheres of extrasolar planets with lightning
18 May 2017, Cambridge, Climate Science, Atmospheres and Life: From the Earth and Beyond

Charge Processes in Planetary Atmospheres
11 May 2017, Edinburgh Centre for Exoplanet Science

StA-CES @ IBANS Research Forum
23 March 2017, St Andrews

Sparkling clouds and the crackling of lightning in extrasolar planets
Public talk in winter series of British Science Association during Women in Science Festival in Dundee.
16 March 2017

The modellers take on clouds: what we know / don’t know
panel discussion talk in “Prospects to understand cloudy exoplanets” discussion during
UK Exom 2017,
15-17 March 2017, St Andrews

Charge processes, lighting in exoplanets
Lecture at the Les Houches Winter School  Diversity of planetary circulation regimes, in our solar system and beyond, March 6-10, 2017


New insight in atmospheres of extrasolar planets through plasma processes
Seggauberg, October 2016

Diverse clouds in chemically diverse planetary atmospheres
Missing links from disks to planets, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest

Exoplanetary atmospheres:
Cloud formation and atmospheric electrification

Colloquium Oxford, June 2016

LEAP – Lightning, electricity, atmospheres of planetary objects
Colloquium Leicester, June 2016

LEAP – Lightning, electricity, atmospheres of planetary objects
Colloquium Cambridge, May 2016

Electricity in extrasolar planetary atmospheres
Colloquium Glasgow, April 2016


Plasma Processes in Cloud-forming Exoplanet and Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
29 Nov – 4 Dec 2015, invited contribution, Extreme Solar Systems III, Hawaii

Hot physics in cool atmospheres:
Cloud forming, radio emitting brown dwarf atmospheres
9 November 2015, UCL seminar talk

Exoplanet Atmospheres
5-8 October 2015, invited special talk, From clouds to protoplanetary disks: the astrochemical link, Berlin, Harnack Haus

Ionisation and discharge in cloud-forming extrasolar planetary atmospheres
23-28 August 2015, invited contribution, IPELS 2015, Pitlochry

Dust formation and the emergence of ionised clouds in atmospheres of planetary objects
17-21 August 2015, contributed talk, Cosmic Dust 2015, Tokyo

Theory and Modelling of cloud formation for   planets ad brown dwarf atmospheres
30 July 2015, LEAP summer lecture series, St Andrews

Atmospheres of very-low mass stars and brown dwarfs – Recent results and prospectives
7-10 August 2015, invited review talk (not given)
Division G ‘Stars and Stellar Physics’ , IAU Assembly

Chemistry and physics of clouds in atmospheres
Planetary systems: A synergistic view
19-25 July 2015, invited talk, Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Data Needs in Solid State Astrochemistry
22 May 2015, invited talk, RES, Edinburgh

Ionisation in ultra-cool, cloud forming extrasolar planetary atmospheres
EGU, Origin of life and habitability: From Early Earth to the Solar System and Beyond (PS8.1/BG8.1), 12 – 17 April 2015, Vienna

Exoplanetary research in St Andrews
UK Community Exoplanetary Conference 2015
30 March – 1 April 2015, Warwick

Lunchtime Legends: Leading a Research Group
Professional and career management,
invited contribution, University of St Andrews, 30 March 2015

Planets, Atmospheres, Electricity, Life
Quantum SOC , University of St Andrews, 11 March 2015

New trends in atmosphere studies of ultra-cool stars:
ionisation in cloud forming atmospheres

ESO, science seminar, 4 March 2015

ESO, Women in Science workshop, 5 March 2015


Electrification of ultra-cool atmospheres across the star-planet boundary

MHD day Potsdam
December 2014, Potsdam

Bridging gaps and opening windows:
Electrification processes in cloud-forming ultra-cool stars and in planets

MPE Garching, seminar, December 2014

How charge processes affect exoplanetary atmospheres

Getting ready for Planetology beyond the Solar System
November 2014, invited contribution, Ringberg

astrophysical atmospheric electricity

Royal Meteorological Society Specialist Group on Atmospheric Electricity
5 November 2014, invited contribution, Bath, UK

Gemstones and Clouds in planets outside the solar system

21 September 2014, Anstruther Science Cafe

Large-scale properties of lightning in extrasolar objects

April 2014, EGU meeting 2014 , Vienna
Session Atmospheric Electricity, Thunderstorms, Lightning and their effects

Evolution of the atmosphere of exoplanets

April 2014, invited review, Exoplanetary Science , Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Expect the unexpected:
Non-equilibrium processes in Brown Dwarf model atmospheres

March 2014, Gaia and the Unseen: The Brown Dwarf Question , Torino, Italy

Ionisation regimes structuring planetary atmospheres

February 2014, ExoClimes III , Davos, Switzerland

Ionising atmospheres in Brown Dwarfs

January 2014, Bcool meeting , St Andrews, UK


Microphysics approach to atmospheric cloud formation in astrophysics

October 2013, seminar in Computational Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews

Clouds form everywhere: in Brown Dwarfs, Planets and in Gaps

September 2013, invited review, Exoplanets/Brown Dwarfs Mind the Gap, Hertfordshire 2013

Mineral clouds and ionisation processes in extrasolar, planetary atmospheres

September 2013, key note, EPSC 2013, Session Lightning, charging and atmospheric electricity, London 2013

Electrostatic break-down in thermally unionised, ultra-cool atmospheres

July 2013, Session 22: ‘Brown dwarfs and low mass stars’ , NAM 2013 , St Andrews, UK

Survey results: women astronomer in science

July 2013, invited contribution, lunch event ‘Women in Science’, NAM 2013 ,
St Andrews, UK

Survey of astronomers and their views on careers

July 2013, invited contribution, Session 17: ‘Careers, Work-Life balance and Returning’,NAM 2013 , St Andrews, UK

Mineral clouds and the conditions for lightning in atmospheres of extra-solar, planetary objects

May 2013, invited seminar, STARPLAN, Copenhagen, Denmark

Extra-solar lightning in atmospheric dust clouds

April 2013, TEA-IS network meeting,Technische Universität Wien, Austria

Ionisation of ultra-cool, cloud-forming atmospheres

March 2013, 527. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar ‘Plasma and Radiation Environment in Astrospheres and Implications for the Habitability of Extrasolar Planets’,Bad Honnef, Germany

Ionisation processes in ultra-cool atmospheres of low-mass stars

March 2013, invited talk , Nagoya University, Gifu, Japan, more information

Clouds in the atmospheres of exoplanets and brown dwarfs

March 2013, invited seminar, NAOJ , Tokyo, Japan

Ionisation of dusty, cloud forming atmospheres

March 2013, invited seminar, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
with video streaming to Tokyo University, Japan

Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and Giant Gas Planets

February 2013, invited seminar, Nagoya University, Japan

Physics of clouds in brown dwarfs and exoplanets

February 2013, invited talk, Royal Astronomical Society, Specialist Discussion Meeting on clouds and condensates on hot exoplanets, London, UK


The Richness of Substellar Atmospheres: Cloud Formation and Global Electric Circuits

November 2012, Joint Astronomy Colloquium in Heidelberg, Germany

Why are BD atmospheres so special?

October 2012, International Conference ’50 Years of Brown Dwarfs’ at Ringberg castle, Bavaria, Germany
see press release

Electric field break-down in mineral clouds on giant gas planets

27 – 31 August 2012, contributed talk, IAU Symposium 293 , IAU Assembly, Beijing, China

The impact of non-equilibrium cloud formation on the atmosphere chemistry

June 2012, contributed talk, Opacities in Cool Stars and Exoplanets , Windsor, UK

What properties of M dwarfs can we reliably infer from models?

June 2012, invited talk, Splinter Meeting ‘M Dwarf Stars in the Light of
(Future) Exoplanet Searches’ at Cool Stars 17 , Barcelona, Spain
More Information

Theory of Clouds

June 2012, invited review, Splinter ‘Clouds in Brown Dwarfs and Giant Gas Planets’ at Cool Stars 17 , Barcelona, Spain
More Information

Spectral test cases for model atmospheres of planetary atmospheres

May 2012, ETH Zurich, EChO WG1

Why Brown Dwarfs need their minerals

March 2012, Invited Seminar, University of Hertfortshire

Modelling cloud formation in extraterrestrial atmospheres

February 2012, Invited Seminar, University of Leeds

Atmospheric dust

January 2012, invited review, ExoClimes 2012 meeting, Aspen Center for Physics


Dust cloud formation models

December 2011, invited review, GCM & Exoplanets , Exeter, UK

Electrification in extraterrestrial atmospheres

November 2011, Franco-British meeting at French Embassy, London, UK
Science and Technology Department

LEAP – charge processes in planetary atmospheres

November 2011, St Andrews, UK

Modelling seed formation, growth and evaporation of dust in oxygen-rich astrophysical environments

September 2011, AstroSurf Meeting 2011, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Extraterrestrial lightning in atmospheric dust clouds

05 October 2011, La Cité Internationale des Congrès Nantes Métropole, Nantes, France
see more

Cloud formation in brown dwarf atmospheres

September 2011, invited talk, AG Meeting Heidelberg, Germany

The richness of substellar physics:
From cloud formation, lightning, and bow shocks

May 2011, Colloquium, Vienna, Austria

Modelling dust formation in brown dwarf and planetary atmospheres

March 2011, Kavli Royal Society International Center, Chicheley Hall , UK

Modelling cloudy atmopsheres:
Element abundances as parameter and as result

March 2011, University College London, UK

Lightning in cloudy extra-solar atmospheres?

February 2011, Planet Formation and Evolution , Goettigen, Germany


Making extra terrestrial jewellery

The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, Scotland , UK, 2010

Thunder in Brown Dwarfs and planets?

November 2010, Uppsala

The jewelry of luminous giants and dim dwarfs (Abstract)

October 2010, The Newcastle upon Tyne Astronomical Society, Newcastle, UK

The WASP12 star-planet system: How shocking can it be?

September 2010, Zooming in: The Cosmos at High Resolution , 2010 Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, Bonn, Germany


July 2010, ERC grant panel, Brussels, Belgium
(postponed due to Icelandic volcano eruption)

Making extra-terrestrial jewelry

July 2010, The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh

Atmosphere Chemistry in substellar objects: Brown Dwarfs and giant gas planets (Abstract)

June 2010, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Masking the truth:
Metallicity effects with substellar atmosphere clouds

June 2010, Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de l’Observatoire de Grenoble, France

Kinetic dust formation and turbulence modeling in substellar atmospheres

Mai 2010, European Geoscience Union, General Assembly 2010, Planetary & Solar System Sciences , Vienna

Metals in the exosphere of WASP-12b

March 2010, Coffee discussion, KITP Santa Barbara, US

How dead is the dead zone??

March 2010, Coffee discussion, KITP Santa Barbara, US

Dust formation, turbulence and large scale atmosphere simulations

March 2010, Coffee discussion, KITP Santa Barbara, US

Physik und Chemie in kalten Atmosphaeren: Von Braunen Zwergen, Riesen und Planeten

January 2010, Invited Talk, University Wuerzburg


The jewelry of luminous giants and dim dwarfs (Abstract)

November 2009, Institute of Physics at Sellafield , Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK

Physics and Chemistry in Dust Forming Objects and
Observation and Analysis of Starlight

October 2009, Invited Talks, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Atmospheric clouds: element sink and charge source (Abstract)

9 October 2009, Invited Talk, RAS Discussion Day : Exoplanets and their Environments Burlington House, London

Theoretical and observational differences between BDs and free-floating planets (Abstract)

September 2009, Invited Talk, workshop Recipes for making brownies : theory vs. observation,
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Atmosphaeren am stellaren Limit

August 2009, Invited Talk, University Hamburg, Germany

Silicate, ruby, and opal in the atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and planets

April 2009, Contributed Talk, Robert Cormack Bequest Meeting 2009, Dundee, Scotland, UK

Weather forecast for extra-solar objects: Modeling dust cloud formation and turbulence

April 2009, Seminar, University Rostock, Germany

A method of modeling dust formation in atmospheric environments

April 2009, Seminar, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig, Germany

Atmospheric dust clouds and charge production in Brown Dwarfs

March 2009, Seminar, University Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Cloud Chemistry in Cool and Compact Atmospheres

March 2009, Contributed Talk, Conference: The Formation of Planets: The Solar System and Extrasolar Planets ,Tuebingen, Germany

Dust formation, charge production, and turbulence

February 2009, Invited talk, workshop Turbulence-Assisted Planet Growth , Upsalla, Sweden

The chemical evolution of dust and gas in substellar atmospheres

February 2009, Wednesday lunch talk, Kaptyn Institut, University Groningen, The Netherlands


The chemical evolution of dust and gas in substellar atmospheres

September 2008, Contributed Talk, Conference: Cosmic Dust – Near & Far , Heidelberg, Germany

Dust cloud formation in substellar atmospheres

July 2008, Invited Review Talk, Conference: Cool Stars 15 , St Andrews, UK

Comparative study of cloud formation in brown dwarf models

July 2008, Invited Splinter Talk, Conference: Cool Stars 15, Splinter: Observation and modelling of dusty, low gravity L, and M dwarfs, St Andrews, UK

Glittery clouds in exo-planetary atmospheres: An example for non-equilibrium dust formation

July 2008, Contributed Talk, 3rd Conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain: “The Living Universe”, Cardiff, UK

Atmosphere simulations: Believe-it-or-not?

April 2008, Invited Colloquium, ARI Heidelberg, Germany

Brown Dwarf atmospheres: dust formation and radiative transfer

April 2008, Invited Seminar, University Goettingen, Germany

Shiny clouds in Brown Dwarfs

April 2008, Contributed Talk, Conference: National Astronomy Meeting of the RAS 2008 , Belfast, UK

Atmosphere simulations: Believe-it-or-not?

January 2008, ESTEC RSSD External Seminar (invited), Noordwijk, The Netherlands


Silicate, ruby, opal – Why gas giants keep their jewels in the atmosphere

October 2007, Contributed Talk, IAU Symposium 249 EXOPLANETS: Detection, Formation and Dynamics, Suzhou, China

Comparative study of dust cloud modelling in substellar atmospheres

September 2007, Contributed Talk in Splinter at AG meeting Cosmic Matter, Wuerzburg, Germany

Cloud formation in giant planets

June 2007, Invited Talk at Extreme Solar Systems, Santorini, Greece

Heavy Weather: Cloud formation in brown dwarfs and giant planets

June 2007, Seminar, St Andrews, Scotland, UK

The challenge of substellar cloud formation

May 2007, Invited Talk at Trends in Radiation Hydrodynamics, NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden

The jewelry of luminous giants and dim dwarfs

March 2007, University Wuerzburg, (invited) Seminar

Catching the rain: Non-equilibrium dust cloud formation

January 2007, (invited) Colloquium, MPI Mainz, Germnay


Dust formation in cool atmospheres

May 2006, Invited Talk, Birthday colloquium for Prof.Pfau and Prof. Zimmermann, Jena, Germany


June 2006, Invited Talk, Physics Colloquium, Jena, Germany

Time-dependent modelling of oxygen-rich dust formation

August 2006, Contributed Talk, JD 11, IAU General Assembly, Prague, CSR

Introduction to Workshop Idea

October 2006, Initiating Talk, From Brown Dwarfs to Planets: Comparative Workshop, Lorence Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

Catching the rain: Recent success in brown dwarf atmosphere modelling

November 2006, Michelson Science Center, CalTech, Pasadena, US


Stellar Dust Formation: A theoretical approach in application

January 2005, Invited Colloquium, University Bochum, Germany

The need for the smallest & the largest: The brown dwarf’s weather

January 2005, Invited Colloquium, MPI Bonn, Germany

The need for small-scale turbulence in substellar atmospheres

April 2005, Contributed Talk, Workshop on Interdisciplinary Aspects of Turbulence, Ringberg, Germany

Simulations of substellar atmospheres: More than an extra-terrestrial weather forecast?

May 2005, Invited Colloquium, Sterrewacht Leiden, The Netherlands

Make dust equivalents

May 2005, ThinkShop, University Jena, Germany

Modelling dust properties at the L-T transition

October 2005, Contributed Talk, Brown Dwarf workshop, PPV, Hawaii, US

Gemstones in brown dwarf atmospheres?

November 2005, Seminar, American Museum of National History, New York, US

Before 2005

2004: Prag, 2x Hamburg, Leiden, Noordwijk, Berlin (habil)
2003: Freiburg, Garching, Jena, Magdeburg, Postdam, Weimar
2002: Berlin, Garching
2001: Muenchen, Prag, Berlin
2000: Bremen, Magdeburg
1999: Goettingen, Wien, 2x Berlin
1997: Kopenhagen