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Alien atmospheres recreated on Earth
9 March 2018, Why lab work is important

Humanity through the lens of the Universe

Inauguration of the St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science
23 January 2017

“Could ferocious lightning storms beam radio signals to Earth?”

Lightning as a possible source of the radio emission on HAT-P-11b (paper)
26 April 2016

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The National

“Super stormy star discovery has implications for life on other planets”

First ALMA observation of a Brown Dwarf   (paper)
19 November 2015

First ALMA observation of a Brown Dwarf

Artist’s impression of red dwarf star TVLM 513-46546. ALMA observations suggest that it has an amazingly powerful magnetic field (shown by the blue lines), potentially associated with a flurry of solar-flare-like eruptions. Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; Dana Berry / SkyWorks  

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ALMA dwarf star 2015
CfA press release
University of Leicester Press release
NRAO press release
Peter Williams’ story about the ALMA dwarf star 2015

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The Scotsman

“The science of lightning”

30 April 2014

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EGU 2014 press conference “Shedding light on lightning in the lab and extrasolar objects” recording
EGU 2014 press conference data base
BBC radio Scotland NewsDrive interview (1 Mai 2014, ~ 16:45h)
Herald Scotland
The Saint
also Beyond Earthly Skies

“Seeding life in the clouds of alien worlds”

10 January 2014

press response:
universe today

“50 years Brown Dwarfs”

17 October 2012

A press release of the MPI for Astronomy in Heidelberg

“Lighting in the sky with gemstones”

29 February 2012

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Diamond News

“NAM 10: The shocking environment of hot Jupiters”

18 April 2011
with Dr Aline Vidotto

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“NAM 18: Pluto has carbon monoxide in its atmosphere”

17 April 2011
with Dr Jane Greaves

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“Dust, volcanoes and the ignition of life”

20 September 2010

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“Hubble Finds Star Eating a Planet”

20 May 2010
with Dr Ray Villard and Dr Carole Haswell

“Jungen Planeten beim Wachstum zuschauen”

24 September 2008
mit Prof Ralph Neuhäuser und Dr Tobias Schmidt